Catalog, organize and keep track of your books with your iPhone or iPod touch


Catalog your entire book library, group related books together, recommend your favorite books to your friends and family and keep track of who has borrowed your books.

Easily add books to your catalog
  • Import your books using your iPhone's built-in camera (iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 required).
  • Import books by scanning images in your Photo Library.
  • You can also enter a list of ISBN numbers and BooksApp will import the books for you.
Organize your catalog
  • Edit the information about your books. You can add a rating, personal notes, change the description, etc.
  • Use the integrated cover art search to find higher resolution or alternate versions of your book covers.
  • Create and manage collections to keep related books together.
  • Browse your books by collection, series, author, publisher, etc.
Share your catalog
  • Recommend books via Twitter or Email.
  • Keep track of your book loans.
Upgrade to BooksApp Pro
  • Remove ads.
  • Export your catalog to Google Docs.
  • Exchange lists of books with other BooksApp users. You can email a list of books in CSV format and open the ones you receive directly from Mail app.
  • Backup your library and transfer it to other iOS devices.

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